Dirty Surfaces In Your Home — And How to Get Them Clean

Dirty Surfaces In Your Home — And How to Get Them Clean

Everyone has their own personal standard of clean when it comes to their home. One person might spend 45 minutes steam cleaning their kitchen countertops while another may haphazardly spritz a surface with disinfectant and hope for the best. One thing is certain: cleaning a home is time consuming, and just when you think everything’s finally clean…life happens. Pets track in mud. Kids spill apple juice in their bedroom…and don’t tell you about it. That darling flea-market curio cabinet is – surprise! – filled with dust and debris. The surfaces in your home start to get dirty the second you’re finished cleaning them. What if there was a better way, that didn’t mean more time or more chemicals – it simply meant the air and surfaces in your home were continuously being treated without any extra elbow grease on your part? animal-dog-pet-indoors

There is a way. Research scientists invented ActivePure Technology, which safely converts the water and oxygen from the air into super-oxides that attack viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi in the air and on surfaces. This process is completely safe for humans, pets and plants, and produces no ozone or noxious fumes. Units that feature ActivePure Technology are designed to run continuously in your home, dispersing these super-oxides 24/7. The result? Cleaner air. Cleaner surfaces. Odors eliminated. Fewer sick days. Improved productivity. And less time spent cleaning and re-cleaning your surfaces.

And what about those surfaces?

Some of the germiest, nastiest surfaces in your home are the ones you probably touch the most often.

Did you know? According to WebMD.com:

  • A toilet bowl has about 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. The handle itself has around 83.
  • In fact, the 3 – 6 foot radius around your toilet? Is super-gross. (And yes, that radius includes your toothbrush holder. So you might want to rethink its location.)
  • That bathroom hand towel? That you just dried your clean hands on? Likely a germ-magnet, since germs thrive in moist environments. Wash hand towels often. (Tip: Use a Laundry Pro to get towels, clothes and linens clean and sanitized. You won’t even need hot water or detergent. How cool is that?)
  • The kitchen faucet handle has about 13,227 bacteria per square inch. (More than twice what your bathroom faucet handle has, by the way.)
  • Microwave button pad? About 214 bacteria per square inch.
  • Kitchen countertop? 488 bacteria per square inch.

You don’t want to stand guard and wipe down each of these surfaces every few hours with a chemical disinfectant in the hopes of keeping your home clean. Let ActivePure Technology do the work for you. It’s the helper you always wanted!


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