8 Germ-Ridden Touchpoints In Your Home

8 Germ-Ridden Touchpoints In Your Home

When you think about the dirtiest places in your home, what immediately comes to mind? The toilet? The doormat? Maybe the inside of the kitchen sink. While just about anyplace can accrue germs, touch points – common points of contact – can be the biggest offenders. While they may not appear unclean, many of these oft-touched surfaces can harbor germs and contaminants that can then be redistributed by human hands. In extreme cases, this sort of transfer could lead to getting sick.

Sometimes it’s as simple as being diligent when it comes to cleaning these points of contact, whether with a homemade or a stronger, store-bought cleaner. Those wanting even more peace of mind may opt to treat their whole home, which can include using technology that works continuously to eliminate the very viruses and pathogens that commonly come to rest of these touch points.

Here are our picks for the 8 contact points in your home you really should think about cleaning!

Light switches

Makes sense, right? Just about every member of the household flips the light switch on and off, sometimes multiple times a day. Any germs on their hand can then linger (and stay!) on the switch, waiting to transfer to the next person who touches it.

The remote

While everyone’s heard the story about how notoriously dirty hotel room remotes can be, they might not apply that same logic when it comes to thinking about their home remote. Regardless of where it lives, it turns out that most remotes are virtual havens for germs, bacteria and contaminants. Many remotes – equipped with sticky, rubbery buttons and crevasses that make perfect hiding places – are perfect breeding grounds for all kinds of gross things.

Your computer

Specifically, your keyboard and mouse. While one could argue that the entire surface of most computers (laptops particularly) come into contact with human skin all the time, the mouse and keyboard are touched most often. Because cleaning the surface of a computer isn’t as easy as good old soap and water (keep water away from your computer!), many people neglect to clean these surfaces at all. Specially-designed electronics cleaner is available and can be effective for cleaning such devices.

The toilet handle

Perhaps it goes without saying, but your toilet handle is, indeed, a touch point that needs cleaning…and often. Since it’s touched before actual hand-washing occurs, the toilet handle is a natural germ magnet.

Soap pumps

It’s almost an oxymoron that a soap dispenser could be one of the germiest touchpoints in your home, but think about it: you have dirty hands, you go to wash them, you press the nozzle (with aforementioned dirty hand) and voila! Germ transfer complete. For disposable, plastic soap dispensers, running them under hot water and scrubbing them with a little residual soap can be a good way to keep them sanitary.

Knobs. Drawer pulls. And door handles.

The trifecta of Things Often Touched, pretty much any knob, pull or handle is going to be touched many times a day, and usually by more than one person. Especially in kitchen settings where food prep occurs, having sanitized handles is doubly important: you don’t want to contaminate your food, yet transferring kitchen-centric germs like salmonella happens more often than you might think. Fridge and freezer doors, pantry door knobs, microwave and oven pulls – they all need a good cleaning.

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