7 Simple & Affordable Ways to Make Your Guest Room Extraordinary

7 Simple & Affordable Ways to Make Your Guest Room Extraordinary

Do you have that one friend who has the most amazing guest bedroom, the one you can’t wait to stay in when you visit? The one where everything you could need is there: extra blankets, fluffy towels, snacks, ample reading material and even a set of earplugs by the bedside table?

If your guest room is lacking that certain something – or worse, has simply become a catch-all for all the loose toys and boxes that don’t seem to ever have a landing spot – then it’s time for a makeover. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still turn your guest room into a haven that friends and family will look forward to staying in with affordable-yet-genius ideas. Here are some of our favorite ideas that we found.



If the hosts have long fallen asleep by the time their guest has crawled into bed to check the news on their tablet but can’t because they don’t know the wi-fi password, then no amount of password-guessing is going to help. Present your guests with the wi-fi password in the cutest way possible: in a decorative frame. It’s pretty and it’s thoughtful. Also, providing an extra USB adapter can be helpful, since many people accidentally leave those behind when traveling.

Doors: boring to beautiful

If you have plain, white closet doors in your guest room, consider giving them a little facelift. Paint the doors a pretty accent shade, which gives the room a pop, and then add fabric panels and wooden trim as a cozy, personal detail.

via http://www.home-dzine.co.za/decor/decor-add-trim-interior-door.htm

A kit full of essentials

Realizing you forgot your toothbrush, razor or aspirin when you’re traveling can be frustrating. To save your guest from sheepishly asking if you have any extras on hand, designate a box to keep in the bedroom or bathroom full of all the essentials they could ever need: shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, blow dyers, face wash, etc. Point it out when they’re settling in and let them know it’s there for their use.

via http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2014/02/10-ways-to-prepare-your-home-for-overnight-guests/

Have heavenly bedding

Not even college kids like sleeping on 200 thread count sheets. Affordable outlets like Target carry cotton bedding with higher thread counts that come in cute patterns and colors. If you really want softness, look for single-ply sheets; double-ply sheets that have 1000 thread count really have 500 thread count per side, and could be less soft than a single-ply set with a 600 thread count. Target has some really cute sets at great prices!

via http://www.target.com/p/threshold-performance-sheet-set-pattern/-/A-14140506#prodSlot=_1_6


Late night cravings

Including a mini single-serve coffee maker with tea and coffee pods is a great idea. A fresh bowl of fruit, a snack-sized back of crackers, a few decadent chocolate truffles and bottles of seltzer (and maybe wine!) are also perfect for those who need a little something on their tummies before they go to sleep.

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Great, dual-purpose lighting

It’s always a great idea to leave your guest some interesting reading material, but having adequate lighting to view it is also important. A lamp by the bed is convenient, and installing a plug-in dimmer switch so they can either enjoy bright lighting for reading, or low lighting for ambience, is a simple and easy add-on.

via https://www.thetreasuredhome.com/lighting-for-our-guest-room/

Fresh, personal touches

There’s something about walking into a room with fresh flowers that feels special. Whether they’re clippings from your own garden or a last-minute grab from the grocery store, flowers add a subtle fragrance and a lively touch to your guest room. It’s like saying I knew you were coming and I’m glad you’re here. A framed favorite quote, a subtle-yet-fragrant candle and a radio (with MP3 player and phone hookups) can help your guest relax and unwind.

via http://mintsprinkles.com/2013/06/03/the-a-to-z-of-hosting-house-guests/

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