6 Natural Ways To Combat Pet Odors

6 Natural Ways To Combat Pet Odors

We all love our pets: they’re part of our family, and they bring smiles and joy to their human. What’s not so great about pets, however, are the odors and allergens they bring with them. Whether it’s the litter box in your laundry room, the hair-covered dog bed in the corner, or the guinea pig cage, how do you get rid of that stinky odor that lingers as a result without just covering it up, or introducing chemicals that could potentially be harmful both for humans and pets?

Here are some helpful tips to keep odors at bay:

1. Vacuum at least three times a week

Your pet can leave a trail of fur, dirt, or cat litter bits throughout the house. Vacuuming will help remove these sources that can leave a bad smell.

2. Give your pet a bath once a week

Pets love to play and get into messes. Give them a bath to keep them looking and smelling great. (Good luck with this if you have cats.)

3. Wash your pet’s bed

This is a place that collects stubborn pet odors. Remove excess fur with a vacuum or lint brush, and then wash the bedding in the regular wash cycle with hot water, and tumble dry in the dryer. If there’s odor lingering in the stuffing, sprinkle it with baking soda and then vacuum. Baking soda is a great (and natural!) odor absorber.

4. Replace the litter frequently

Litter boxes can get really smelly. To remove stubborn stains and smells, soak the box with a vinegar and water mixture for 30 minutes, then scrub the box, rinse, and let it air dry, preferably in the sunlight, which is a natural disinfectant.

5. Use a natural deodorizer around the house

Fill up a spray bottle with distilled water and add 5 drops of essential oils such as lemon or lavender. Spray around the house where bad odors linger.

6. Use an air purifier designed to efficiently manage pet odors

 Our Pet ReFresh plug-in air purifier is great for smaller rooms up to 50 square feet in size that need targeted air purification, like laundry rooms, near pet beds, around litter boxes, or other smelly objects. It creates clean, fresh, healthier air, and has a compact design that plugs directly into your wall outlet and fits in tight spaces.

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  1. I liked the tip you gave of using an air purifier to help eliminate pet odors. My mother recently moved out of her house and is trying to sell it but the pet odor is pretty strong. Maybe we should get in touch with deodorization and odor control services to see how that helps in addition to an air purifier.

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