5 Tips for Getting Softer + Fluffier Towels

5 Tips for Getting Softer + Fluffier Towels

If your towels are beginning to feel like steel wool, you might be tempted to correct the problem by adding a boatload of fabric softener to your next washing cycle. But fabric softener isn’t cheap, is a pain to lug in from the store, can cause contact dermatitis , and can leave a residue that actually makes your towels less absorbent. There are better solutions than fabric softener!

Good Housekeeping has some great tips on how to get softer towels…and we have a few of our own!

If you have scratchy towels, hard water (and the mineral deposits it leaves behind) could be to blame. Installing a water conditioning system can help all the other places where hard water can cause problems (and hard water can cause a lot of problems). For your towels, GH recommends washing your towels in hot water and adding a cup of ammonia – leaving out detergents, softeners and bleach.

Crammed your washer full? An over-stuffed washer can prevent towels (and any other items) from getting a proper rinsing. The result is soap residue, which can leave linens and clothes feeling scratchy.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions on detergent. Most detergent today is more concentrated, so you only need a little. Too much detergent – like too much softener – can cause build-up, which dulls clothing and leaves an unpleasant residue.

Do you toss your towels – balled up and twisted – right into the dryer? Trying shaking them out first. This will help get them as fluffy as possible.

Consider installing a unit like Laundry Pro 2.0 . It allows you to forgo detergent, softener and bleach, and uses only cold water and bubbling oxygen gases to clean your clothes.



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